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Welcome to K3 Strategies

As we embark on “the fourth industrial revolution”, we cannot ignore the increasing demand for broad-based skills development to prepare economic players across diverse sectors for a future that requires composite knowledge and application to not only function but be competitive in a society driven by profit-hungry innovation and technology.

Welcome to our site. We hope you find our content presented here insightful and our services your one-stop-skills-development-shop as we look forward in partnering with you to meet your business goals together with those who are dependent on your success.

Our Vision

At K3 Strategies our vision is to Unearth, Analyse and Report the Impact of Skills Development Efforts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to successfully assist the Public Sector to Unearth, Analyse and Report the impact of their Performance

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To provide strategic and value-add solutions to our customers by developing strategies, systems, support structures, and implementation tools for South Africa`s leading Learning and Development organisations.

At K3 Strategies we pride ourselves in the ability to offer our Customers our diverse experience, access to innovative and benchmarked products that can be tailor made to optimise business processes and structures in a Learning and Development landscape, and facilitate the relationship between the customers and their clients.



We develop, design, implement and support strategies in the areas of:

  •  Project Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy Development
  • Partnership Facilitation/Relationship Management
  • Learning and Development Strategy Development


Our approach is to use a systematic way to unearth logical relationships, explain methods used to collect data, argue why results obtained are meaningful whilst also explaining any limitations associated with them.

  • Manage Stakeholder Relationships
  • Define elements required to manage stakeholder relationships during a project.
  • Ensure the timely and appropriate involvement of key individuals, organisations, and groups throughout the project.
  • Manage development of the plan for the project
  • Define elements required to develop the plan for the project.
  • Determine how to realise the project in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Manage project progress Define elements required to manage project progress.
  • Ensure that the project is moving constructively toward delivery of the product of the project and in support of the agreed project outcomes.
  • Manage product acceptance
  • Define the elements required to ensure that the product, service, or result of the project will be accepted by relevant stakeholders.
  • Ensure that the product of the project is defined, agreed, communicated, and accepted.
  • Manage project transitions Define the elements required to manage project transitions.
  • Get the project underway, move from one project phase to the next, and close the project down at its conclusions.
  • Evaluate and improve project performance
  • Define the elements required to evaluate and improve project performance.
  • Ensure that opportunities for improvement are applied on this project and made available for future projects.

K3 Strategies is a consulting company specializing in skills development, related research and strategy development. 


The organization is resourced with accomplished Knowledge Workers who have had extensive experience in the skills development arena, brought together as associates signed to a particular project for billable periods, thus limiting the fixed cost requirements.

Accredited Training 
Business Planning and Development of new Training Providers who wish to pursue accreditation. From registration as a legal entity encompassing all compliance prerequisites as well as establishing training facilities and the systems. 
Upcoming projects, events and training  

Watch this space for future projects, events and training notices..